High Rise Window Cleaning 

High-rise exterior window cleaning, it happens every year. Valiant Solutions provides a professional, safe and quality service to HUNDREDS of properties in the Calgary area. We know exactly what we are doing and will get it done quickly, but most importantly....Safely!

Low Rise Window Cleaning

In addition to our high rise services, we provide cleaning services to all types of properties because, if you're a Property Manager, you likely manage those as well. Condo Boards, Building Owners and Tenants love our professional presence on site. We take pride in our services and it shows!


Rope Access 

Our SPRAT/IRATA trained professional rope access technicians reach unreachable areas of your building, bridge or other structure. Our Valiant Rope Techs have years of experience within the Rope Access, Rescue, Work at Height, Construction and Outdoor Industries. Bringing a vast collective skill set to solve your difficult access problems.

High-Rise Caulking and Sealing

Using caulking to seal exterior building gaps, our technicians make sure to protect the building from water, air, dust or insects. 



Building Exterior Visual Assessment (BEVA)

As of January 1, 2017, buildings in Calgary are required to comply with The City of Calgary's Building Maintenance Bylaw, 33M2016. Which states;  

"buildings that are 5 storeys or greater and over 10 years old, will require visual assessments on exterior walls and roofs"

    Valiant Solutions will perform a comprehensive BEVA Inspection and provide a completed City of Calgary inspection form, finding reports, picture/video files and recommendations to keep your records up to date giving you the peace of mind knowing your building is safe and you comply with all bylaws.

Other Inspections

     Whether it's vents, windows, balcony railings, lighting, signage or anything else. We can ensure they are clean and working properly! Work at height is our specialty, reach out today to see what we can do.


Pressure Washing and Siding Cleaning 

Pressure washing can be done on all areas of your building. Not just the reachable parts. Using our Rope Access and Rigging techniques, we can pressure wash all areas of your property. High-rise and Low-rise.


Calgary, AB

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